Pine tree asset

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July 16th, 2009

I made a new Pine tree today! We already discussed our modular tree system, but we didn't have any conifers yet. Here are some pictures of the new tree:


The tree trunk uses the tiling technique I learned from those failed experiments I talked about last week, as well as a new trick: the bark texture is tiled twice horizontally around the trunk to give it a higher apparent resolution. Because you can only ever see half of the tree at once, you can never spot the tiling.


We are definitely going to need some kind of level-of-detail management in order to draw dense forests. When the trees are as far away as they are in the picture below, we could substitute a 2D imposter image for each tree without any visible change. This should work especially well with our technique for smoothing the edges of alpha-mapped plants, as we discussed earlier.


What do you think of my new tree? Are there any other interesting trees you would like to see in Overgrowth?