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Overgrowth Wallpaper

Add Comment! By Aubrey Serr on July 22nd, 2009

Some of our fans have made some great Overgrowth wallpapers and Wolfire wallpapers. I thought it would be cool to make some Overgrowth wallpapers of my own but I wasn't really sure what to make. I looked at a lot of cool video game wallpapers online, and came up with some designs I liked.

I have a really messy desktop, so I don't like anything that is too busy or high contrast. I thought about doing some more realistic looking images, but settled on this more sketchy look instead:

I will probably make some more Overgrowth wallpapers in the future, so it would be great to get feedback. What do you like in a desktop image? Feel free to post links to your current wallpaper.


Here are some variations on the wallpapers above:

The first one with the Overgrowth logo moved

The second one with the bars removed