Lugaru Mod Browser

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July 5th, 2009

Hardcore fans of Lugaru are familiar with many of the Lugaru mods out there. The only problem is that it's always a bit messy to get mods set up. I've had quite a few visitors on our live chat who have tried to install a mod but ended up copying the mod files to the wrong folder or managed to corrupt a critical Lugaru data file.

Fortunately, thanks to Matto1990, there is now an easy-to-use mod browser for managing Lugaru mods. Matto built his browser program around the Adobe AIR framework using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. With just one click you can switch to any mod you want or revert back to the original Lugaru campaign. To find out more check out the Lugaru browser thread or Matto's site.

What do you guys think about Matto's mod browser? Is there anything in particular you think we should keep in mind for the Overgrowth browser?