Lugaru Fighting Fundamentals Video

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July 31st, 2009

Lugaru has a great built-in tutorial that will walk players through virtually all the moves in the game. However, having dealt with newcomers to the game on Meebo, I thought it might be helpful to emphasize a few important aspects of Lugaru that the tutorial doesn't directly cover. My hope is that watching this video will help people grab Lugaru by the rabbit ears and start kicking butt. You can check it out in HD here.

Press the triangle button for captions (download transcript)

For Overgrowth we will be very mindful of the player's first moments. Our hope is to have the player learn the rules of the game by playing the game so there is never a need for official tutorials or explanatory videos. Can you think of any games that have succeeded in letting the player hit the ground running without official tutorials?

Special thanks goes to Zantalos for his contest-winning fighting footage and Tim Soret for his Lugaru HD texture pack.