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June 20th, 2009

It's been our policy to leap on every interview opportunity that comes our way. We've already had a smattering of interviews (including a feature in Igromania magazine and a Developer Banter Podcast on ModDB). However, it dawned on us today that there's a major interview opportunity we haven't taken advantage of yet. We decided it's time to let you directly ask us any questions you have about Wolfire or Overgrowth. Just post them in the comments. We'll let them sit for about a week and then we'll address the top 10 or so questions that have the most "likes" (we also reserve the right to pick out a few bonus questions that may not have the most likes but really appeal to us).


photo taken from a rabbit diary

It would be best to come up with questions that haven't been the subject of blog posts already. Definitely check out the Overgrowth FAQ because that will cover a lot of the basics. We probably won't have time to answer all of the questions so please remember to click the like button on your favorites.

What questions do you have for us?