Hotspots Part 2: Race Course

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May 4th, 2009

After my last hotspot post, a lot of people recommended various ways we could make our hotspot and scripting interface more user-friendly. Accessibility is a big priority for us, so we are definitely working on this. As a first step, I've added a hotspot browser. This browser lets users select convenient, prepackaged hotspots and place them in the map. Thus, modders will be able to use any standard hotspot without needing to touch scripting code at all. (A UI to tweak the parameters of each hotspot is forthcoming :) ). Scripting will, of course, still be available for users who want to make entirely new hotspot functionality.

I'm pretty excited about hotspots and scripting because they will allow us to quickly prototype diverse gameplay. I thought a platforming, race game might be fun at this point, so I packaged up the necessary hotspots (race start, checkpoint, and race end) and threw down a krumpty course. The following video showcases the entire course building process. I tried to use a bunch of different map editor tools so that the video gives an up to date overview of basic level building. The video also features the Whaleman, Rabbot, and the vocal stylings of our very own John "the War Dwarf" Graham.

Click here to watch it in HD!

Press the triangle button for captions (download transcript)

What do you guys think of the hotspot browser? Anyone think you can make a better race level? ;) I hear GDer's offering up some competition... anyone else?

(Note: In this coming week's alpha, ctrl-3 switches to hotspots editor mode and ctrl-1 goes back to the objects editor.)