Wolfire now accepts Amazon Payments

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April 5th, 2009

I just added a new option for preordering Overgrowth: Amazon Flexible Payment System! This allows people to preorder Overgrowth using an Amazon.com account, and therefore any credit card, bank account, or whatever Amazon might support.

As much as I love Google, I was a little frustrated with Google Checkout, which was our original alternative to PayPal, because they don't support payment via bank accounts and their fraud protection is way too sensitive. Google Checkout is much slower than PayPal and Amazon, which are almost instantaneous, and it tends to bounce a lot of legitimate payments leading to a lot of confusion. To make matters worse, Google recently raised their rates.

With that said, introducing:

Amazon FPS

Head over to the preorder page and try it out!

To recap, preordering Overgrowth gets you:

- The warm fuzzy feeling of directly supporting indie game development
- Access to weekly alphas of Overgrowth, every week, until it's done through the Secret Preorder Forum
- The Mac, Windows, Linux, and now the Steam version of Overgrowth!

Thanks to Hazel in IRC for testing!