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Overgrowth Voted 5th Best Indie Game on ModDB

Add Comment! By John Graham on March 1st, 2009

The ModDB Mod of the Year Awards have recently been announced. In addition to Overgrowth's nomination for the Editor's Choice "Best Upcoming Indie" award the final polls have been announced and Overgrowth has been voted ModDB's 5th Best Indie Game.

Wolfire on ModDB

We're very honored that Overgrowth has achieved such recognition at this early stage in its development. We'd like to thank the guys running the ModDB site for their support with everything from helping us set up our profile page, to inviting us as guests on the Developer Banter Podcast. We also want to thank you guys in the Wolfire community. According to ModDB there were 300 indie games eligible for voting and the fact that we made it to number five is unbelievable. You guys rock!