Overgrowth Alpha 16

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March 2nd, 2009

Here is what is new in Overgrowth this week...

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There is not a lot of really hot new tech stuff to show you guys because we are working on the animation editor. However, we did get some fixes in and Aubrey has included a number of new assets that we will blog about later and we have included Nimai's town "Kohlbrinia" from a thread in the secret preorder forum.

We are pretty excited about this, because Nimai just started mapping in OG a few days ago. He is a 14 year old student from New Zealand and he found us from our Steam group. After watching a portion of John and Phillip's map editor video, he dove right in and in a matter of hours, he had created a pretty hot Overgrowth village. Nimai would like to assert that he is only half done, but that's never stopped us before. ;) Also we promised we'd give a shout out to Nimai's Youtube channel.

Gated Entrance

Gated Non Entrance

Behind the Gate

There are many more screenshots in the secret preorder forum, and of course, you can see it in the alpha itself. I am pretty happy about "Kohlbrinia" because it shows how accessible the map editor has become and I hope it paves the way for a lot more user created content.

Thanks as always for all the support! We are very proud of our recent ModDB results which was 100% your votes. Also, thanks again to Jo-Shadow for the tasty Subway.