OG Editor: Groups Versus Selections

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March 15th, 2009

Because of all the exciting Overgrowth modding that's going on right now we wanted to go beyond the map editor tutorial video and editor controls post to clarify the difference between groups and selections. While groups and selections have the same behavior with respect to translations, they are distinct when it comes to scaling and rotations.

Here's the rule: Scaling and rotating a selection of objects yields transformations relative to the position of each individual object whereas scaling and rotating a group causes transformations that are all relative to the position of the group. Sound confusing? Yeah sorry about that. Here's a video that will hopefully make things clearer. Please feel free to watch it in HD.

Press the triangle button for captions (download transcript)

What do you guys think about this functionality? Do you think it makes sense to have selections and groups behave differently or would you prefer that selections were identical to groups?