Free Resources for Game Development

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March 14th, 2009

One of the hardest parts of game development is simply getting started. This is something people ask us about a lot on meebo. Just setting up your workstation with all the proper tools can be overwhelming. There are far too many choices, and all the most professional looking apps are extremely expensive. Luckily, for any given commercial resource, there is usually a free, open source version that is almost as good and sometimes even better. Of course, these free alternatives tend to have very little money for marketing, so they can be hard to find. To help orient aspiring developers to these free resources, we've started a list of some of our favorites. You can click on each item to bring up a brief description and a link to further information.

Assets Applications Web Resources
3D Art Blender

2D Art The Gimp

Sound Audacity

Engine Libraries Web Resources
Graphics OpenGL


Useful geometry site

Physics Open Dynamics Engine

Sound OpenAL

Device Input Simple DirectMedia Layer

Miscellaneous Boost C++ Libraries

Development Applications Web Resources



Visual Studio Express

Version Control Subversion (SVN)


Bug Tracking Trac

General Game Dev

As you can see, there are quite a few blank spaces above, and this is still a work in progress. I'm sure there are many more great resources that should be added to the list. If you guys can think of any, please let us know in the comments!

Update: I've begun adding some of your suggestions to the list! I'll continue to do so, and perhaps bring this back as a more comprehensive list in the future. Thanks for the ideas!