Overgrowth alpha 13

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February 9th, 2009

Another week, another alpha! Here is what is new in Overgrowth this week.


As usual, we have fixed a number of bugs, tweaked some stuff, and implemented some new features. Aubrey has created even more art.

Going through our svn code logs the past week, here are a few highlights:

- A few optimizations
- New transparency stuff
- Fixed widescreen FOV
- Hooked up Shark and Instruments
- Group rotation and group scale working
- Objects glow when selected
- Deleted groups and undone groups recorded properly
- Editor graphics polished
- New color scheme for groups

The migration to the new forums / blog server should be done for real now! Sorry if you noticed any downtime.

Thanks for the feedback on which bug tracking system to use, last week. We have settled on Trac and I am just finishing up the setup right now. We will open it up to SPF to help categorize bugs and help get more organized in our alpha testing.

We are also testing out BitTorrent this week as additional way to help distribute the alphas. That could be awesome as the alphas are getting quite large.

Thanks for all the support!