New rock and statue assets

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February 22nd, 2009

Here are some new assets I have been working on. Rocks are surprisingly hard to get right. Small features like cracks or areas where the rock has sheared off have a lot of small details that are kind of tricky. I am planning on doing a few more rock sets, so I still have a chance to improve :)

Round rocks
Modeled after glacial erratics

The way I have organized the texture files, I can change or match the colors of the different rocks very easily. I haven't decided on exactly what colors and textures I would like to use in the final game yet. It depends a lot on the final look of each level, and also how we can use other technology to add details to the rocks. Things like controlled intersections, decals and detail maps will have a big effect on how I use the rocks in a level.

Square rocks
Angular rocks are very common so I made some

I wanted to make a set of statues for some level set-pieces. Level set-pieces are going to be critical for giving each level a unique feel as well as providing visual progression in the game. These are meant to look like they are carved out of existing rock formations.

These statues have had their faces smashed off

Hope you guys like these!