Black Shades iPhone

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February 26th, 2009

It is my pleasure to announce that Black Shades, the intense first person shooter that David made many years ago is now available for download on the iPhone for only 99 cents. To download it from the app store click here! Now this action-packed classic can be at your fingertips, anytime anywhere. All the levels and weapons you remember from the original Black Shades are back in Black Shades iPhone.

As many of you already know, Black Shades was David's award-winning entry to the 2002 uDevGames contest. But how did this old classic end up on the iPhone you ask? Henry Kropf, yes the same Henry who helped David port the original Black Shades to windows and is setting up the multiplayer infrastructure for Overgrowth, had a vision at 3AM one morning. After a few short bursts of furious coding, and some new icons created by Aubrey, Black Shades iPhone (BSi) was born.

To view the awesome BSi launch page click here.

Download Black Shades iPhone