Overgrowth Alpha 9

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January 13th, 2009

Well, another week, another alpha!

If you're just tuning in, we are doing something a little unusual with our development on our upcoming independent video game, Overgrowth. Every week, we release our latest build, however raw it may be, to fans in our secret preorder forum.


We are continuing to polish the Overgrowth alpha for our first blessed build! So far, we have been releasing really raw development builds that of course have a lot of known bugs. However, each week we close more and more bugs and the alpha is starting to shape up. In a couple of weeks we hope to have a solid build that runs on most people's computers.

Here's a run down of what's new this week. First of all, our alpha has about doubled in size. Now it is almost 500 megabytes, most of which consists of high resolution textures. Aubrey added a ridiculous amount of new art in the past few days. We are going to show it off in a post pretty soon, I promise. We have already started demoing it in this thread in the SPF, but unfortunately it is too hot for the blog right now.

Also, Phillip has closed a bunch of map editor bugs. Even though we are trying to clean up the code for our upcoming blessed build, Phillip is a beast and managed to fix all of the known bugs in the map editor. Therefore, Phillip managed to slip in a few new features. Namely snapping and grouping. Thanks for all of the feedback in yesterday's map editor post!

From David, this week, we have much faster shadows, a bunch of bug fixes, object shadows, and the hot lens flare. Thanks for wishing him well last week, David is feeling much better!

As always, see you guys on the forum and in IRC.