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Wolfire now accepts Google Checkout

Add Comment! By Jeffrey Rosen on December 14th, 2008

Hey guys, I know a lot of you have avoided PayPal and have been contacting us on AIM, etc. for ways to buy Overgrowth without using it. It's frustrating because for a long time, PayPal has been the only way to order Overgrowth and we know that a lot of you guys have been holding off because of anti-PayPal sentiments.

Well, now we support Google Checkout! Google's reputation is pretty much the polar opposite of PayPal. They are one of the most beloved companies on Earth, so buy with complete confidence. Furthermore, Google gives us a much better deal than PayPal, so please use Google if you are ambivalent. Google Checkout accepts most credit cards and debit cards.

Google Checkout

Head over to the preorder page and try it out!

To recap, preordering Overgrowth gets you:
- The warm fuzzy feeling of directly supporting indie game development
- Access to weekly alphas of Overgrowth, every week, until it's done via SPF
- The Mac, Windows, Linux, and now the Steam version of Overgrowth!

P.S. Please grab Lugaru for free this Christmas and give it away to all your friends.