Where are your Preorders Going?

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December 8th, 2008

So what are we actually doing with your preorders? Investing them back into Wolfire, of course! As an indie developer, 100% of a preorder goes directly to Wolfire. There's no publisher, investors, board of directors, or anything; it's just us.

So far, every last cent of it has been put towards better equipment and licenses to help us make a better game. Since it's your money, we thought you'd like to know what we are doing with it!

First, we bought David (co-founder and lead programmer) a kick ass quad-core computer. David's old computer was actually destroyed by UPS when he was shipping it back to the Bay Area from Swarthmore College. I lent him my PC (I use my Macbook Pro 95% of the time), but it was slow. Compiling took forever and David was wasting a lot of time looking at loading bars. Our solution:

David's PC

This is a pretty tricked out Dell XPS quad-core computer. Now David can compile super fast and all cores are being used heavily. Our next purchase: our other graphics programmer, Phillip, can now stop developing on his old school desktop replacement laptop. He now has a similar computer to David's, plus a new 22" monitor:

Phillip's PC

However, Aubrey's computer is the pice de rsistance. We finally got enough preorders to give Aubrey what he really deserves. Aubrey is our artist and does everything: 2d, 3d, video editing, you name it. This, of course, takes a huge amount of CPU power and Aubrey's old computer just wasn't cutting it. It was painful to see Aubrey's extraordinary talent be limited by his computer. In fact, we hit a hard limit recently with World Machine. Aubrey's computer just didn't have enough RAM to output the highest quality textures. Our solution?

Aubrey's PC

This computer has a quad-core processor and 8 gigs of RAM. Yes, 8 gigs! It's loaded with a 64 bit version of Windows and we've got 64 bit versions of all of the software Aubrey needs. Now he is good to go and will make sweet art for you guys faster than ever! We also got him a new 24" monitor that is supposedly color calibrated and extra fancy.

Thanks again to all of our fans! As always, see you guys in IRC and the forums, and stay tuned for more updates. Don't forget to subscribe to the blog.