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Preorders can be Transferred to Steam!

Add Comment! By Jeffrey Rosen on December 10th, 2008

Overgrowth and Steam

After our Steam announcement, we got this question a lot: if I preorder now, can I get a Steam version after the release?

We were a bit concerned because we didn't want to make people choose between us and Steam. When it comes down to it, supporting us directly, getting weekly alphas, and access to SPF are awesome perks of preordering, but a lot of people really love Steam and Valve Software.

Well, after talking to Valve some more, we can go through the horns of the dilemma -- we are pleased to announce that your preorder will be honored by Steam!

So if you preorder, not only do you get the Mac, Windows, and Linux (pending Ryan Gordon's availability) versions of Overgrowth from us, you get Overgrowth on Steam as well! In other words, Valve rocks, and now is the best time to preorder.