Overgrowth Weekly Alpha

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December 1st, 2008

Hey guys, we have just posted this week's Overgrowth Alpha, bringing us up to week 2! There is a lot of new stuff that's been covered on the blog recently (be sure to subscribe) and, of course, a little bit that hasn't. ;) The big changes are with the terrain rendering engine, bringing sweet shadows and higher detail terrain (although the highest detail has yet to come).

- New sky
- Sweet terrain shadows
- Higher detail terrain
- Ambient occlusion
- More objects, including new rocks, a joshua tree, and a small bush.
- Instead of a single floating cube, there is now a nice little scene Aubrey whipped up using Phillip's editor.

Overgrowth Alpha, Week 2!

More notes in the secret preorder forum, and of course, that's where you can find the download links.