Overgrowth in Igromania

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December 26th, 2008

Hey guys, we just heard that Overgrowth was previewed in Igromania, the largest video game magazine in Europe! We are pretty much speechless. We're just a humble, indie video game company, and we have a full page in Igromania! One mantra we have at Wolfire is "What would Ron Carmel do?" He probably would shrug it off and keep working.

I promptly told everyone I know and printed out a copy and put it on the fridge.

Click for the full PDF:
Overgrowth in Igromania

Here is a record speed translation in English, provided by GreenFlame of the Wolfire Forums.

Thanks for spreading the word, guys! This preview was no doubt a result of Overt Ops. Keep up the good work! We know this kind of stuff happens because of you.

If you run a website, magazine, tv show, or blog, no matter the size, we would love to spread the Overgospel to you. Please contact us and we hope we can spread the word.