Overgrowth Alpha 5 unleashed!

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December 17th, 2008

Hey guys, you can get the fifth weekly alpha of Overgrowth in the usual place! If you haven't preordered yet, I hear that this week is the best week to preorder Overgrowth.

New this week are a bunch of new models, textures and art from Aubrey. We will probably be showing them off soon in dedicated blog posts with concept art explaining them, but they are pretty hot. We've also gotten multiplayer working so you can create and join servers -- although all you can do is chat and fly around the level at the moment. It's a great start! We will probably be coordinating the testing of some multiplayer chat in IRC sometime this week.

Finally, the map editor is better than ever, and a bunch of new things are included. I don't remember all the details but they are sweet. We are really excited about this build, because we think there are enough assets to start making some cool stuff, and Phillip's map editor is better than ever. Looking forward to your feedback.

Here are a couple of screenshots. Now by popular demand, they have been annotated.

Alpha 5 annotated screenshot

Alpha 5 annotated screenshot

As always, see you guys in IRC and the forums!

P.S. get Lugaru for free and tell all of your friends!