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Lugaru is free for the holidays!

Add Comment! By Jeffrey Rosen on December 24th, 2008

Happy Holidays from Wolfire!

Thanks to the thousands of people who have joined the Overgrowth Facebook Page, we are giving away Lugaru for free for the next few days. David Rosen (the creator) has been selling this game here for $19.95 since it was launched, without exception. For the first time ever, for the holidays only, we are not just discounting it, we are giving it away for free.

All you have to do is go here, http://www.wolfire.com/free-lugaru and we will send you a free copy.

Here are a few words about Lugaru. It is a Mac, Windows, and Linux compatible game created by David Rosen (our fearless leader) while he was in high school over the course of a couple of summers. It is a pretty kick ass independent, physics-based fighting game and over the years, many fans have created mods for the game including entirely new campaigns that are much longer and arguably better. Also, the graphics have been updated in the form of a high resolution texture mod. You can find all of this on the Wolfire Forums after you're done playing the original.

Here is a video composite of Lugaru, created by Zantalos from the Wolfire Forums to help get you in the mood:

Grab it here: http://www.wolfire.com/free-lugaru! Keep in mind that this is a very limited time offer, as much as I'd like to spread David's game forever.

As always, thanks for the support! We hope you enjoy your free copy of Lugaru, and feel free to press the ShareThis button below to spread the word!