Interview with David Rosen

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December 21st, 2008

Since we announced Overgrowth, we have been doing a number of small interviews with various sites. We will probably post a compilation at some point, but one inteview in particular really stands out: GameCyte's interview with David Rosen. I'd like to highlight this one, because it's really well put together, is an interview of our fearless leader, David Rosen, and just kind of kicks ass. Please check it out if you'd like to know about the history of Wolfire (a.k.a the history of David) and just get a more personal behind the scenes look at our humble project.

Here's a snippet:

GameCyte: When did you first decide you wanted to develop an independent game? How long before your first serious project had you been dabbling in game creation?

David Rosen: Oh, man, I created my first independent game long before I even knew what independent games were! When I was in Kindergarten, I started creating finger-games with stick figures walking around that took verbal commands from my friends and acted them out. When I was introduced to HyperCard in 1993, I was 7 years old, and I was quickly hooked on making my own animated choose-your-own-adventure computer games. They had stick figures at first, but gradually improved until they were in full 3D, painstakingly hand-animated. Unfortunately, none of these games exist today because of a dispute that resulted in my hard drive being erased, but they may still exist somewhere in the far corners of AOLs mac game archives, from back when AOL and Internet were synonymous.

Check out the full interview here.