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Lugaru Video Contest 50% complete!

Add Comment! By Jeffrey Rosen on November 27th, 2008

Hey guys! Just a note to let you know that the last video entries will be accepted on midnight, Dec 3rd (PST) which is about a week away!

All you have to do is record a video and upload it to WeGame.com using WeGame's free client or using other software like Fraps or Snapz Pro. The winner - the person who gets the most "Likes" on their video will win a $50 gift certificate to the Wolfire Tshirt store and a copy of Overgrowth, however, there will be many runner up and subjective prizes, so don't worry about not getting tons of "Likes"! Just enter your video and see what happens. :)

Also, in the meantime, please check out some of the existing videos and click the "Like" button for as many of them as you like! You can do that here: