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Facebook 500 = Alpha 1

Add Comment! By Jeffrey Rosen on November 2nd, 2008

Well, the 500th fan has joined the Overgrowth Facebook page! That is truly amazing and we are pretty much stunned. That is quite an army of Wolfire fans! It's crazy that about a week ago I was bothering my roommate to join to bump the fan number up from 5 people to 6 people. You guys are the best community ever!

As promised, we are going to begin alpha testing, which is what most of you guys have been waiting for! Alpha testing is limited to the secret preorder forum and is starting immediately. People have been playing around with it for the past 20 minutes in the IRC channel and things are getting pretty exciting!

Overgrowth Alpha 1

Thanks and happy testing! See you guys on the forums and in IRC.

Edit: to clarify, this doesn't mean that alpha testing is closed. Anyone else who preorders will still get in on the testing! In fact, John told me that now is the best time to preorder.