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October 14th, 2008

In the spirit of team introductions, here is Mikko's, the music composer for Overgrowth. We will update you guys with some of his music soon.


Hey! Im Mikko, an outsourced (and finnish) music composer in the Overgrowth team. I will be responsible of the game's musical themes and moods.

I started music composing in the beginning of the 90's with Amiga 500 and Protracker. I did lots of electronic music before I figured out how cool would it be to create orchestral music, so I started learning that stuff. The first game I produced music for was a submarine game called Deeptrouble for Mac in 2002. Since that I've done music for a pile of games, Penumbra series being the most known of them (and soon Overgrowth ;) ).

Currently I'm studying digital music production and (hopefully) should have my bachelor's degree pretty soon. I also run a music production company and independent music label (The Sound of Fiction) as well.

Favorite Games: Starcraft, Tony Hawk games, Ultima V, Wizard of Wor

Random Fact: I'm a great fan of retro games. The first computer game I played was Revenge of the Mutant Camels back in 1984. Oh, those days...